Online Music Production Classes

These classes have been designed to teach digital music composition, arrangement, production and engineering to young producers who are starting out making their own music. The classes are in a recorded video format and are divided into manageable sections which you can study at your own pace. These classes incorporate a wealth of practical examples and real-world applications involving the various creative and technical processes every modern music producer needs to know. You will leave feeling more capable and confident in your own productions. The difference will be audible too!

Each class is generally an hour in duration and individually they address topics such as:
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These classes place all of the valuable information in one place, saving students the need to search aimlessly across YouTube for long hours. These classes are a great way to fast track your growth and development in the field.

The online platform for these classes is still being developed and will be ready very soon however If you are interested in purchasing these classes when they are ready please contact me directly by filling out the form below.