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My 5 Tips For More Streams

How To Prepare Your Files To Send To A Mixing Engineer:

1. Leave any essential plugins active on your channels and disable any non essential plugins. 2. Essential plugins may be ones that play a role in sound design or hold samples for your MIDI. 3. Non-Essential plugins include anything that might have been used in the process of mixing  

your demo. These could be reverbs, delays, compressors or EQ’s that are not involved in  crucial sound design. 

4. Commit any MIDI clips in your session to audio. 

5. Consolidate all of your tracks making sure that each individual track begins and ends at the  start and end of the song. 

6. Bounce each of the tracks from the beginning to the end of the song. 

7. Label each of these tracks NAME_1/20, NAME_2/20 etc. indicating the instrument name the  number of the track and the total number of tracks in the folder. 

8. Place these tracks in a folder and compress or zip the folder. 

9. Reply to my email with a shared google drive link to this folder. 

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How To Get The Most From Your Mixing & Mastering Engineer

1. Share with me in the email what it is sonically you like about your reference tracks. 

2. Let me know what your sonic preferences are for your own song. 

3. Send your final demo in the folder along with your track outs so I can hear a first hand  example of what you are trying to achieve. (This often proves to be the most useful of all!).

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