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Cormac Kavanagh

Music Producer, Audio Engineer and Founder of All Changed

BA (Hons) Music Production

“I remember first finding my love for music. Intricate and scratchy rhythms blared through the car radio on a rainy Wednesday afternoon with a dynamic passion that would rival the last three minutes of an All-Ireland final. Then, just as I became encapsulated in this motion, a voice came forth between wide-panned guitar strums and brought an energy I could only describe as subtly seismic. For the first time in my thirteen years of life I felt an intense emotional state brought about from listening to a piece of music. It was then that my pursuit began.

The initial importance of music for me in my teenage years was that it brought about an experience that was beyond the ordinary and everyday monotony of school life. It pointed to a world beyond the veil of processes, obligations and ritual. The chaos stirred up by the albums of my youth gave me the momentum I needed to follow the order of things at that time. The lyrical sentiment within the songs provided me with a sense of hope, purpose and identity while the arrangements, compositions and samples left me eternally in awe at the skill behind the craft.

After nine years of intimately consuming the music that makes us feel, six years of writing, composing and recording as well as three years of studying music production and audio engineering at university level, I feel I can approach the musical process far more holistically than ever before.

I first started All Changed as a way to make music with my friends and to chase the emotional charge I felt on that rainy Wednesday afternoon. Today All Changed maintains that ethos as a holistic music production business. I recognise that for today’s artists everything is a part of the process as a whole. From chats before we start and quiet meditative tea breaks straight through to performance coaching and helpful discussions over the smallest details. None of these parts are small, they are intimately interconnected and there is no greater feeling than when they all come together in the final piece.”

Feedback from my Clients:

Craig Cooney Rapper from Dublin, Ireland

“Such a gent and his mindset and motivation are second to none. What a pleasure it is to be in a studio working with him”

Léon Laisne Bass Player, Composer and Engineer with LL Groove Band

“Cormac is very professional, he didn’t leave any detail out when preparing and executing our session. I particularly appreciated his accessibility when reviewing the mixes. I highly recommend him if you are looking for a kind and skilled engineer.”

Aideen Farrelly Rapper from Dublin, Ireland

“I can not wait to work with you again Cormac, you're a legend!"